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Ok this is a quick post just to show you how a 5 euros H&M dress can turn into something unique! You see I love little black dresses because they are so versatile! And I am a huge fan of clothes that can be changed and look different! The purple necklace is a simple DIY made of fringes (I use them a lot) and the purse is another DIY that you can find here. This post is also a reminder of the DIY giveaway which ends tomorrow! So hurry up and enter! Don't forget the other fab Giveaway from Pink Caro!


  1. You look great!!! Cute outfit!!


  2. I love your DIY necklace. Awesome post!

    kimberley x

  3. sweetie you look fab! i'm already declared as DIY fan of yours, and the purple necklace just rocks! i agree with the black dresses - transformation forward!


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