Endyesthai-To dress: Towards a Costume Culture Museum

When I received an email from Ms Aggeliki Roumelioti who is in charge of collections for the Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation, I was really gratefull cause she kindly informed me for the Endyesthai exhibition.
Today I managed to get there and it was a very interesting guided visit! The exhibition was amazing at its whole but I'll give you the highlights and for the rest you can find out yourself!

In the begining there was a projection of fashion shows from 70s which was really fun because the models were actually human, if you get my point, and they were dancing on the catwalk!

Here you can see a dress which is made by a lady who used her hair as thread. How amazing is this?

Then there was another projection which was really interesting. There was a small film from a wedding preparation in a village in Magnesia where the wedding dress is actually 13 dresses worn one over the other. There was another projection right underneath the previous one from the Viktor and Rolf show "Russian Doll" doing the exact same thing on stage!

Here you can see a chest which belonged to Giorgos Seferis.

Two dresses from Midea, the red was worn by Kariofilia Karampeti and the other one by Maria Callas!

Fashion and advertising.

I left the most exciting for the end! It is a project from pli which follows the dressing habits of two people from the day they were born. The girl is now 18 years old and it's up to her if this project is going to continue and the boy is 8. How genious is this?

There are pretty amazing stuff in there which can't be described by one post. You should all go visit and make clear the need of one Costume Culture Museum in Greece!
There is a really interesting post about the exhibithion on thesohosymposium.blogspot.com.
Pictures from the museum are courtesy of Pli.
24/03/2010 - 23/05/2010

Benaki Museum

The Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation in collaboration with the Benaki Museum

Programm of the guiding tours

Saturday May 8 12.30 Erifilli Nikolopoulou
Sunday May 9 12.30 Erifilli Nikolopoulou
Friday May 14 19.00 Ioanna Papantoniou
Saturday May 15 12.30 Vaso Konsola
Sunday May 16 12.30 Markelos Nyktas

Don't miss this!


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