Do you want to be a member of the most luxury event?

Yes lovelies, all your dreams come true! More than 40 luxury brands 30% - 80% off! Plus we are talking about boutique goodies not outlet!The Golden Caravan will be here!

If you want to feel queens or kings for a day the only thing you have to do is visit http://www.goldencaravan.mobi/en/home.html and register for  a membership because this club is coming to town!
Only for three days my ladies and gentlemen these gorgeous pieces on site!

"The Athens Event DESIGNER BRANDS – for 30% to 80% less!

In Athens, we are offering:

  •     Exclusive special offers
  •     Over 4,000 well-chosen products
        from top luxury brands
  •     Designer clothes
  •     Leather goods
  •     Handbags, belts
  •     Sunglasses
  •     Jewelry and watches
  •     Table and glassware
  •     Shoes

Let us surprise you!" 

Visit source.

I have already registered and started saving! Even though I guess even with this discount I won't be able to buy anything! But come on don't you want to see a Balmain jacket closely? I do!
Have fun guys!

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  1. wow dangerous post! i'm trying for savings!!! Will i resist??
    Thank you sweetheart for the info!


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