DIY: Never throw anything away!

Well, I like making things while watching TV.This way I feel I'm not wasting my time!
So in lack of new materials I used some of what was left from previous DIY projects.

I used this from the clutch bag project . By the way if you know how this material is called let me know!
Actually I need a material like this but more stable if you get what I mean!

Then I used what was left from the necklace project. If you know where I can find fake leather please let me know cause I am running out of this -used-to-be-remote-control-case!

And I ended up with this...

Which is really versatile cause I can wear it either this way or this way...

So, if any of you knows where I could find these materials please let me know.

There is a really interesting post out there by Alecca Rox which we should all consider and start thinking recycling not only glass, paper, plastic, which is really important, but clothes too. Our garbage might be others' treasure!
Bye bye guys! Be creative and have fun!


  1. Creative & cool!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. What a fab necklace! This is a really interesting DIY. :)

  3. Well done girl!
    I really like it!


  4. Wow, this is so awesome! I wish I had the time to go and find out how to do all these amazind DIY things! I'm keen on necklaces and this one's really hot. The most amazing thing about DIY is that each item that you make is very personal and one-of-a-kind. Great blog, I'd very glad if you'd throw a glance at mine, too.



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