We have a winner!

So ladies and gents we have a winner of the DIY Giveaway! As you can see lucky number is 7 which applies to DinDinaki Koudounaki fellow blogger! She has her birthday today as well so this makes me double happy! Happy birthday dear! So my lady I will contact you to give me shipping details to send you the brooch! Good night!


Reminder Post!

Ok this is a quick post just to show you how a 5 euros H&M dress can turn into something unique! You see I love little black dresses because they are so versatile! And I am a huge fan of clothes that can be changed and look different! The purple necklace is a simple DIY made of fringes (I use them a lot) and the purse is another DIY that you can find here. This post is also a reminder of the DIY giveaway which ends tomorrow! So hurry up and enter! Don't forget the other fab Giveaway from Pink Caro!


Pink Caro Offer for Readers!

So dear readers Ι have another giveaway for you!!! Pink Caro in collaboration with Fashion Algorithms offers you a discount coupon 20% off! Aren't they great news? Well this time the giveaway is for followers only so I can easily find you if you are the winner! The offer is not only for Greek readers as Pink Caro ships internationally! The only thing you have to do is leave a comment below this post and claim your participation! Giveaway ends Thursday June 3 at 11.30 at night (GMT+2)! The winner will be announced later that day! So enter!!!!


Pink Caro - Eshop made in Greece

Pinkcaro is one eshop that is located in Greece! With minimum shipping costs you can have greek designers such as Stathis Samatnas, Stelios Koudounaris, Two in a Gondola and many others in your closet!You can even find sales all year round up to 60% off! The white dress above is Stelios Koudounaris and you can buy it here! I love it! So stop running and just press enter! The future has arrived in Greece finally!

Don't forget my Giveaway!


Sebastian Errazuriz

 source:   Britannica , Sebastian E

This is an interesting and inspiring project I found and thought to share it with you! The designer is Sebastian Errazuriz and the project is called The Zipper Dress. Imagine the possible alterations and you'll have the ultimate versatile piece! This is not for sale but we could DIY it or something! You can check out the glove dress and some other interesting projects by the same designer in the links provided above!

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A Visit to the Acropolis

I am one of those Greek that I live in Athens for five years and I had never visited Acropolis! Shame on me, I admit! And now that I did I am telling you I didn't want to leave! There is something so peaceful and sacred up there that makes it hard for everyone not to be his better self! Thinking that so many great individuals had walked the same soil, had looked at the same marbles, had conceived some great ideas in the same area, makes you realize how small you are! We failed to visit the museum because it was closed but we will definetely do another time! If you haven't visited Acropolis yet, do it! By the way take a look at this interesting campaign that we should all sign either we are greek or not : Bring them Back. There is a very informative and clever video with English translation too!

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DIY Giveaway!

This is a thank you readers, followers and just random visitors giveaway! It's a brooch I made and it has some swarovski crystals on it.It's kind of dsquared inspired! You all know how much dsquared SS10 inspires me! I promise it's much better than it seems on these photos but the lighting doesn't help! The only thing you have to do is leave a comment right here to claim your participation! You can tell your friends or followers too! Competition ends Sunday 30 May at 11.30 at night (GMT+2)! The winner will be announced later that day! So enter!


What the pink?

Well yesterday we had the names celebration! Truth is that looking the photos I realized my latest pink obsession! Truth is I've never been the strawberry girl if you get what I mean. Lately though I tend to become. I am telling you everything that I buy lately is candy colored! The lipstick, the pants even my laptops mouse! What the pink has happened to me?
On other news here is what I made for my friend Eleni and herself proudly rocking it!


I present to you Les Mademoiselles!!!!

Recently I discovered these cute little ladies! Les Mademoiselles! You can find them at their site here where you can order your favorite piece! They are all handmade and every piece is unique! Personal favorite the petite prince! And don't you love the presentation? I do!


Concept Photography by Lena Marini!

This is an old concept photography by photographer Lena Marini that I thought it would be nice to share!
Concept and styling by me. The one girl is me (I had darker hair then) and the other girl posing is my beautiful and stylish friend Eleni seen before here. Also the editing is mine! What you think guys?


Spring means life!

While walking in the park we saw this broken bird's egg which reminded us that nature does its business no matter what people destroy... Hope this summer won't bring fires... These parks in the middle of the city make us breathe and feel at home! Enjoy the pics or even go for a long walk. Join the spring fest! See you guys!

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