Lakis Gavalas: The stylish genius

A man of style, a genius businessman, the only greek who has designed 2 bags for Hermes,both sold out.
                              photo via http://birkinwatcher.blogspot.com/2009/07/lakis-gavalas.html
He is the person who has told about death that it will be the first day of his life that he is going to wear something that somebody else has picked for him. He has told that many people made laugh of him but he never paid attention, this made him even stronger and stranger. He says that those people now leak him and he proposes to wait till he becomes a stamp to leak him in the back too.
You can watch an amazing interview in greek here: Lakis Gavalas sta akra,
A man that strongly believes that money don't mean style,but in the opposite money ruin style.
That's why he created his brand .lak and temporary(tm) store.

Don't miss his .lak spring/summer 2010 collection live today  at:  fashion first row

You can find out more about lakis gavalas  here and here


  1. εκτός των άλλων είναι εξαιρετικός επαγγελματίας!Ο αδερφός μου που είχε συνεργαστεί μαζί του,μου είχε τονίσει πως ήταν απόλυτα τυπικός και κύριος!


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