Flying High

Hanging out with friends and especially with Lena which is a photographer sometimes involves random photoshoots which lead to a flying blogpost!

After so much flyingI think I will faint! Catch me!

All photos are from Lena Marini.
And of course the photographer couldn't lose this experience.
Are you in the mood of flying when you are with friends?Let me know!
By the way do you like my new header?
See you in my next post! Have fun!


  1. I think my friends and i, are in a slow motion-relaxed mood...
    There's been a while since we had flying FUN!
    I like your blog


  2. Thank you for your comment! Being child once in a while is fun! I like your blog too!

  3. aytes oi photoz einai apisteytes!ma kala poso pshla mporeite k phdate?

  4. Vlepeis to pezouli? It's an illusion and the right click at the right moment!


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