DIY: Two disasters equal one beauty!

So I am going to confess the most stupid thing that I've done! Some days ago I bought a ring but I didn't try if it fits (how stupid is this)! Anyway, when I realized that it was too small for the finger that I had imagined it on I couldn't accept it! So I put it there! After 2 hours of smart things that I thought for removing it (soap,oil, hot water, cold water, hairdryer don't ask why, lifting my hand up and many many more) the ring wouldn't let me! It stuck there and as I tried the most it stuck! I ended up in a key store where a guy had the courage to try to put it out! I was finally free! And the guilty ring ended up broken! I thought that it deserved it after such a mess that it had caused! Today I rediscovered it along with a broken bracelet!

I thought to recycle those two! The most easy DIY ever! And it led to my new beauty which will always remind me to try before I buy!

What you think of this little devil? Now with the crack it fits perfectly! See you guys!


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