DIY: The Dsquared inspired statement necklace!

When I saw this beauty it was love at first sight! So, I decided to do a DIY project based on this!
Being a recycle freak I used some fabric that was a gift with a Dewars bottle which is used as a case for remote controls. It is soft leather and just love its texture!
 Then the only thing you have to do is use your imagination and create whatever shape with it! Add studs or whatever you think will be more you!

And after some sewing and lot of patience you will have a beauty of your own!
 What you think? Try it and send me some pics to see how you personalized the idea!
Till then be creative and have fun!


  1. I love D.I.Y! Your idea is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!

  2. Thank you! Your blog is amazing!

  3. Good stuff!
    That's one cool necklace you've made;)
    (i'm a sucker for diy posts!!)

  4. Your opinion really counts! Thank you! By the way you are huge inspiration!

  5. bravo pou skeftikes na ftia3eis moni sou!kai m aresei pou den adegrapses akrivos ayto pou se enepneyse!

  6. einai apisteuto!! I love it!!!

    latrevw otidipote bold kai mauro!

  7. πολύ έξυπνο και καλλιτεχνικό!

  8. this DIY rocks girl!
    great blog by the way!

  9. this DIY rocks!
    great blog by the way!!!!


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