DIY: The clutch bag

You will need a rocking fabric of your taste. A choose a striped one cause I really like stripes!
Also a hard material to make the bag as steady as you want. I found mine at the bottom of a travelling bag. I used to throw them cause they annoy me!From now on I wont!You can make one with hard paper which you will cover with fabric. And at last you will need a plastic transparent material like pvc. I found mine in my chest and it used to be a case for a blanket.
As you can see you don't need to buy many things, actually only the fabric, which can also be skipped if you use an old piece of clothing, even an old pair of jeans, which will create a very dsquared result!
Then cut the fabric and the plastic in the same dimension and sew them together, or use a very very strong transparent glue.I didn't take pictures of the other steps but they are easy!
As I am going to make an envelope bag I will need to fold it in three. Two equal pieces and one smaller which will be the part that is used to open the bag. So the piece that is going to be in the back will be in the middle. there you put the hard material.and you glue it or sew it. You can put some fabric on it so that you have the same fabric inside as outside! Then you fold the other equl piece on the one you just made and you sew only the edges to create a pocket!

You can use buttons, zip or magnet to close the bag! And here is my new beauty!

I used some stones and an old bracelet to decorate it!

Soon  I am going to post a whole outfit with this beauty!
Wait till my next post!


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